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Speech is vital to human interaction and communication. If someone stutters, we tend to judge them. Some are labeled stupid or associated with being dumb. But this should not be. Even though they lack the ability to communicate properly, they are not necessarily inept. This is a typical stereotyped behavior that results from the social media.The people who deal with these cases are called speech pathologists. They help rehabilitate and cure speech problems in patients. According to reports, this type of job is very emotionally rewarding because it enables therapists to help people. People who go through the rehabilitation are going to have a better life. As my first paragraph states that it is vital for us to communicate. And speech is the primary form of interaction. This therefore helps those who were once handicapped live a fuller existence.Speech handicapped people tend to shy away from others because of their condition. Through rehabilitation, the person can overcome this obstacle. For example, there are a series of drills and practices that a patient is required to do every day. Since speech impairment can also be caused by strokes, or brain damage either suffered through old age or accidents, devices like electro larynges and speaking valves were devised to aid people with the disorder.There are a lot of treatments available for speech disorder. Some schools offer programs that are geared toward helping youngsters dealing with the impairment. Hospitals and speech institutes offer a more professional approach in addressing the patient. And since it’s more professional, it would most probably cost more to avail of the treatment programs.

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A speech pathologist or a speech therapist treats individuals grappling with communication problems associated with the voice, fluency, language and speech, most often caused by accidents, cleft palate, delayed development, mental retardation, hearing loss, emotional problems, cerebral palsy, brain injury and stroke.Are you considering a job in speech pathology? Those aspiring for jobs as speech pathologists are offered university courses that cover topics such as acoustics, assessment, anatomy, counseling, hearing aids, hearing disorders, language development, language disorders, neurology, neurophysiology, linguistics, non vocal communication, psychological disorders, parent training, phonetics, statistics, speech disorders, voice disorders, stuttering etc. These courses equip you with the knowledge required to diagnose and assess the actual cause of the communication problem and implement an effective treatment plan.Where Can Speech Language Pathologists Work?Speech-language pathologists can practice privately or work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, child development centers, speech and hearing dispensaries, clinics for the developmentally disabled, schools, colleges, universities, government agencies, research laboratories, industry and health departments. They need to work closely with others related to the patient such as parents, teachers, nurses, and doctors.Speech pathologists require a graduation or advance degree in an accredited speech therapy program. A valid certificate to prove clinical experience is also needed to practice in different locations. Speech pathologists can work anywhere in the world, from rural centers to urban communities.Scope of the JobTen percentage of the world population has some sort of communication disorders. This ten percentage of the population, spread out in different parts of the world, requires the service of speech pathologists for their recovery. Speech pathologists can provide them an enjoyable and meaningful living by giving them the necessary treatment.As the services of speech pathologists are extremely valuable, they are offered high salary and benefits everywhere in the world. Speech therapist job opportunities are growing day by day, compared to most of the other professions.